• About VERITY

    VERITY is an advanced Science and Technology company providing systems design engineering services in Huntsville, AL.

  • Our Mission

    To conduct business with honor and decency, that we might be a blessing to others.

    Our Mission
  • Our Culture

    Ver-i-tē: a true principle or belief of fundamental importance.

    We are committed to doing business with integrity. The bottom line is not the first priority.

    Our Culture
  • Employment Opportunities

    VERITY has exciting growth opportunities. We place a high priority on employee wellness and offer an extensive benefits program. We believe this company is meant to be a blessing in the lives of our employees. Please see our employment page.


Our Capabilities

Verity Integrated Systems has expertise in systems design; providing science and engineering services in Huntsville AL. Our blend of subject matter expertise, software development, simulation technologies, experimentation support tools, and systems analysis methodologies have been successfully applied to S&T programs, weapon system acquisition programs, and gap-filling warfighter solutions.

Our unique studies, simulation, and analysis methodology have provided robust, timely, and cost-effective approaches to determine the battle space effectiveness and technology readiness for current and emerging weapon systems.

System Engineering & Analytics Modeling & Simulation Software Solutions Multimedia Visualization
Systems Engineering
& Analytics
Modeling & Simulation Software Solutions Multimedia Visualization


System Engineering Team Award

Systems Engineering Award

Congratulations to Verity’s President, Phil Colvert. He has been recognized by MDA, and is a recipient of the 14th Annual System Engineering Team Award.