Mission Planning

Verity’s innovative utilization of “Mission Planning” processes and simulation integration technologies have resulted in an adaptable forward-looking “Red Commander” Scenario Generation Environment (SGE).

Data Configurable Tool Suite

Verity’s Rapid Attack Versus Integrated Defenses (RAID™) uses a Data configurable tool suite to support Attack Planning, Scenario Development, Mission Analysis, and Warfighting Exercise support. Used to support Offensive Strike Penetration Effectiveness and Defensive Protection Effectiveness analysis.

Targeting Databases

Flight Dynamic Models

Key Application Components


  • Intuitive User Interface to Create and Manage Missions
  • View and drag Missions in timeline to layout desired Time of Effect
  • Fire Control Operations (Fire, Abort, Status)
  • Integrated Capability for Plot and Report Generation for AnalysiS


  • Create and Manage 2D and 3D Geo-referenced graphics
  • Polyline, Polygon, Ellipse, Sector, Corridor
  • KML Support


  • Manage Database of Ground Entities
  • Displayed as MIL-STD-2525 Symbology graphics on the globe
  • Used for Launcher and Target locations during Mission Planning

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