Mission Planning

Verity’s innovative utilization of “Mission Planning” processes and simulation integration technologies have resulted in an adaptable forward-looking “Red Commander” scenario generation environment (SGE).

Scenario Generation Environment

The SGE features an interactive web-based interface that uses a Geospatial Information System (GIS) visualization system to support weaponeering and targeting strike planning functions and integrates DIA-approved trajectory codes to produce mission data for theater ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, rotary wing aircraft, fixed wing aircraft, unmanned air systems, and unmanned ground systems. 

The Verity SGE “ease of use” enables the analyst to rapidly develop, record, display, and inject “simple to complex” operationally relevant scenarios and conduct a robust evaluation of current force designs and future force concepts including Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Systems, Strike Systems, Unmanned Air and Ground Systems, and Counter Unmanned Air Systems. This capability is planned for use by ATEC to support IBCS independent evaluation and by AMRDEC to support Counter UAS concept evaluation.

Integrated Mission Planning Tool-Suite supporting rapid Scenario Development

Order of Battle for Targets and Force Structures

Supported Scenario Production for IBCS Customer Tests, Limited User Tests, and Boost Glide Effectiveness Analysis

Utilizes Flight Dynamics Codes to produce Trajectory Data

Two Options:


Integrates User-provided Models (i.e., Intelligence Community, Prime Contractor)


Integrates Functional Models