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Experience a new level of precision and efficiency in your mission planning with Verity's cutting-edge solution. Our advanced simulation technologies, combined with our flexible "Red Commander" Scenario Generation Environment (SGE), provide your team with real-time data and insights to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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About RAID

The Data-Configurable Tool Suite

Rapid Attack vs. Integrated Defenses (RAID) is an attack planning, scenario development, and mission analysis capability developed by Verity to support offensive strike weapon system studies and performance analysis.

RAID is used to support integration and interoperability in warfighting exercises, serves as a test bed to demonstrate the application of an experimental AI capability to plan routes in accordance with mission operating constraints, and can be configured as an HEU (HigherEchelon unit) Stimulator supporting battery integration and test activities.

A Mobile Solution for Defense Efforts

RAID technologies are produced and packaged for quick application, ensuring that you have a mobile-friendly tool that can adjust to any mission.

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Key Components of RAID


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Mission Manager

Entity Manager

Graphics Manager

Mission Manager

Entity Manager

RAID Employs Detailed Targeting Databases

RAID Includes A Robust Library of Dynamic Flight Models

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